Why Early Dreamers Are Different

Health & Safety
Early Dreamers Academy believes that maintaining a safe and healthy environment is essential for the physical, social, and emotional development for the child and is always our top priority. Our comprehensive safety policies are available for your review at any time.
Our Philosophy

At Early Dreamers Academy, we know each child is their own unique self. Therefore, we provide for individual needs and differences. We believe all children have the right to have their culture acknowledged and respected and recognizes the importance of valuing the diversity of experience, perspectives, expectations and knowledge. We work collaboratively with our families to ensure that we build strong intellectual, emotional and social foundations, while never losing sight of encouraging joyfulness, creativity, spontaneity and a love of learning. 

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the health and development of children. Nutritious foods should be offered throughout the day to ensure children are getting the nourishment and energy they need to learn, grow and be healthy. In addition to eating nutritious foods, meal times are an opportunity for learning and developing social and self-help skills. Offering a pleasant meal time environment gives children the opportunity to enhance their social skills by letting them interact with each other. Self-help skills develop when children are encouraged to set the table, clear their place, wash their hands before and after meals, and use child-size utensils.
Who we are

About the Early Dreamers Academy

Early Dreamers Academy is an exceptional center designed for children aged six weeks to 13 years old. Our team of dedicated educators is committed to supporting children during their formative years of development. We recognize the importance of creating safe and healthy environments where children can reach milestones and expand their imaginations. Our ultimate goal is to positively impact society by providing outstanding care and education to our children.

Early Dreamer’s Academy Curriculum

Our superior curriculum for infants to Pre-K have a systematic exposure to Letters and Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Eye-Handwriting Coordination, Numbers and Counting, Reasoning, Logic and Problem Solving, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), Creative Thinking, and Music, Rhythm, and Dance.

Infant Curriculum

Our infant curriculum provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere. Our infant area provides the highest quality care in an environment that is designed with the parent and child in mind. While in our care, the children are stimulated through music, exercise, outdoor blanket time, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs and tickles.

Toddler Curriculum

Our toddler curriculum is designed to help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. We nurture, encourage and teach our toddlers using stimulating hands on curriculum. We provide a well-balanced day promoting academics, social and physical activities, as well as teach healthy hygiene & good manners. Our caregivers are dedicated to helping each child develop these skills through a trusting and loving relationship and work around their specific needs.

Preschool & Pre-K Curriculum

Our preschool and Pre-K programs feature integrated curriculums that offer age-appropriate learning opportunities, fostering confidence and cultivating a lifelong love for learning. Recognizing the significance of the early years in a child's positive growth and development, we strive to create an environment where they can acquire new skills, embrace challenges, and receive encouragement based on their unique strengths and abilities.

Our Program

Our Classes

Dream Chasers are curious and eager to learn, therefore, our room provide a stimulating environment to promote independence. Through interactive classroom experiences, children are introduced to literacy, math, science, and social studies in a playful environment. Children can practice self-help…

Our Little Stars classroom is a happy, nurturing environment where each child is encouraged to explore and develop new skills at their own pace such as gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills. They will learn to coordinate…

Our room resembles a relaxing home atmosphere with cribs, age-appropriate toys, bouncers, high chairs and a comfy rocking chair. Each child has their own cubby for personal items and their own eating and sleeping schedule. There is adequate space for…

A child’s feeling of independence and social interaction with others is what the Sunshine Scholars classroom is all about. The children are encouraged to make friends, share and communicate with their classmates. The children are also prompted to use the…

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